1More Triple Driver Review

Well, I’m tired of talking about Bluetooth earbuds all the time, today I decided to do something different and bring a wired model review to the table.

Let’s talk about the 1more triple driver, you may not have heard about it, but trust me, it is well regarded in the audiophile world.

The 1More is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen and they are impressing with great quality models so far. The 1More triple driver is one of the best options for wired earphones you will find around $100, let me explain why…

1More Triple Driver Review


The 1more design isn’t really original or special in any way,however, it looks really good, not only with a premium look but premium materials as well. The housing is made of aluminum alloys and the cables are braided and wrapped in Kevlar for extended durability and to limit cable noise. You will also note in the pictures the in-line controls and the microphone that complements nicely the overall design.

If you are concerned about durability, rest assured that the 1more triple driver is well equipped to resist an agitated day, every day.

It also comes with a huge variety of ear tips, but we’ll talk about this later.

1More Triple Driver Review

Sound1More Triple Driver Review

As you may have noticed, the 1more triple driver features not one, or two, but three drivers enhancing considerably the overall sound quality. This model uses two balanced armature drivers that are known for the great accuracy and a single dynamic driver for a smoother punch in the bass.

Let’s go through some key points:

The treble is as smooth as possible, clear and never sibilant.

The midrange features a clarity sometimes only found on higher priced models.

The bass is controlled in a good way, fans of bass-heavy songs will still be delighted with the nice punch this model provides. The soundstage is reasonably wide, the three drivers helping a bit here, you’ll be able to notice a considerable amount of space between instruments.

Overall the warm signature allied with an outstanding clarity makes the 1more triple driver one of the best sounding models at $100.


Accessories and Extras

As I have mentioned before, the 1more comes with a wide selection of ear tips. 9 pairs to be precise, with silicone and foam ear tips for all tastes and sizes, which is way more than the industrial standard (around 3-4 pairs).

The hard case and box also contribute a lot to the premium feel, as you can see in the pictures, everything is well organized and follow the earbud design colors.

The microphone and the 3-button remote control functions well with both, iOS and Android. You will also receive a dual prong airline adapter and a shirt clip.

1More Triple Driver Review

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome sound quality
  • Three drivers
  • Durable build
  • Huge variety of ear tips


  • Lacks color options



The 1More triple driver makes us see that the world of good headphones is not made only by Bose, Shure, Sennheiser,etc. It show us that sometimes we need to look a little bit further to find what we are looking for, and I assure you if you are looking for a great earbud with a reasonable price (around $100), buy it and you won’t need another model for a long time.

The great sound, build quality, three drivers and a wide selection of ear tips makes the 1More Triple Driver one of the best earbuds around $100.


You can check it right now at Amazon.


I hope you enjoyed the review,

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