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My name is Paulo, I currently live in Brazil, and my history with 533697_397700896971929_1809024094_nheadphones has been one of hate and love. I never liked those in-ear headphones that come with your smartphone. For me it was missing something, the sound had to be better than that!

And then I discovered some nice headphone brands, way better than those I previously used. I thought to myself: “that’s it, there’s no way the sound can be better than that!” and once more I was proved wrong.

When an electronics store opened near my house I knew I had to go there and test more expensive headphones. Some of them disappointed me; some just looked like a fancy brand with a fancy design but poor sound quality. But some of them amazed me, not a fancy design to get the public, not just a brand name but an astonishing sound quality.

My goal with this site is to provide you with quality reviews and lists, with some emphasis on in-ear headphones, to help you choose the best headphone that suits your needs.


If you have any questions just fill the form below and I’ll be glad to answer.

Let’s dive deep into this amazing world of sounds and experiences!

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