ActionPie VJJB-V1S Review

Continuing our popular earbuds saga, today we’ll put the spotlight on the action pie and see if low priced earbud is worth your attention. But first,  I am wondering where these guys got this name from. Seriously, action pie? I’ve seen all sorts of crazy names on earbuds, but action pie is the craziest by far… Hehe

Well, anyway, let’s not judge a book by its cover, so enough with the fluff talk, let’s be serious now.


ActionPie VJJB-V1S – Sound Quality

The action pie has two magnetic neodymium drivers which are a big surprise considering the price. Obviously, we can’t compare this model with more expensive models ($100+), but this one is certainly a very good sounding earbud. Everything falls in place here, the bass is strong enough, but won’t compromise other aspects of the song, the mids and highs are crystal clear (for the price) and if you are upgrading from a stock earbud, you will be amazed by the sound quality. On the other hand, if you had a $60+ model before, you would be better looking for models like the Soundmagic e80 or $100 models like the 1More triple driver.


ActionPie VJJB-V1S – Design any Durability

The action pie housing is mostly made of plastic and to be completely honest with you I wouldn’t practice sports with these on because you can damage them with sweat. You have to be really careful with them because the plastic isn’t that strong. However, I can understand that, for this price and be offering a good sound they would have to cut expenses somewhere.


ActionPie VJJB-V1S – Comfort and Fit

The action pie shines again in the comfort category with a wide range of ear tips, 6 pairs to be more precise, so the fit won’t be a problem. And a pair of memory foam ear tips is included if you want to achieve maximum isolation. Unfortunately, this model is not designed for sports, so, if this is what you are looking for look at this guide.


ActionPie VJJB-V1S – Accessories and Extras

Be aware that the action pie has two versions available, with and without a microphone. The version with the microphone is well worth it, and the price is almost the same. As I’ve said before, it’s included in the package 6 pairs of ear tips, and as a bonus,  a pouch and a hard case for storage.


Pros and Cons


  • Really good sound for the price
  • Two neodymium drivers
  • Wide range of ear tips
  • Hard case included


  • Not very durable



My Rating: 9.0 out of 10


The ActionPie VJJB-V1S is a great choice if you are looking for a cheap earbud to use casually. As I’ve said before, this is not really a model for sports, but if you are looking for a great sound quality to use at home or at the office, the ActionPie is a very good choice.

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