Avantree Audition Pro Review

Today I’ll  review the Avantree Audition Pro  Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy.

Starting with the package, In the box you get a nice hard shell case, 3.5 millimeter audio cable and micro USB charger. The  headphones have a great old-school look  with a matte black finish gold accents  and black and brown leather headband.

The  build quality feels pretty solid despite  being made of plastic. the plastic build in the other hand contributes to them being fairly lightweight at 6.7 ounces. They  are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time due to soft ear pads and adjustable headband.

I wore these while  listening to three hour long podcasts  and even longer while editing a wedding  video and at no point did they feel  uncomfortable.

They also can fold up to be about half the size which is nice  for putting them in a bag for daily use  or even when traveling.

On the left side of the pad is a volume control with the power button  in the middle. Underneath is the 3.5  millimeter audio input, a microUSB port for  charging and indicator light.

When the  headphones are powered on a voice says welcome to avantree  and after a few  seconds it says “pairing”. Honestly I don’t mind the  talking bit but when the battery is low it says “low battery”  which seriously  startles me every time I’ll be really  focused on a podcast or a song and all  of a sudden comes her voice which is so much  louder than what I’m listening to and has to  notify me that the battery is low. I wish  they would implement another method of  doing this.

Avantree says the battery  life lasts up to 40 hours and I’ve had a similar experience.  You can use these extensively for a few days  before you need to charge them.

They also claimed low latency and I have a really difficult time noticing any at all. When  I first got them and watched a video I’d  notice a slight lip sync delay but I  don’t notice it anymore. It could just be  because I’ve used them for so long.

The  Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters or 30 feet, and I found this to be pretty accurate  unless there are multiple walls between you and your device.

I connect these to my desktop and do work around the apartment  and at some places they do cut out. I really like how these headphones sound,  they are fairly balanced and detailed,  nothing sounds muffled giving it a pretty nice presence. They do favor high  frequencies though and that can sometimes result in a kind of crisp or edgy sound. The bass is clean and overall  they just sound really good.

If you hold  the volume up and down buttons at the  same time for three seconds the  headphones will switch into bass on mode.  This mode definitely bumps up the bass  but the highs and mids sound kind of  muddy, so, personally I prefer it off but if you are listening to a lot of bass heavy music then you might appreciate the option.

The headphones have a microphone too  that sounds okay to be honest, not that good but for casual usage it is good.


Overall I really like the Avantree Audition Pro. They’re one of my personal  headphones that I use eventually. Great mids and highs, a bass boost function and everything that a mid-priced headphone can offer, click on the button below to check the price at Amazon.


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