Best Earbuds for Small Ears


Small ears is not necessarily a problem, but when you are choosing earbuds, it can be. Some earbuds just won’t fit well, even with the smallest ear tip provided. But fear not, because I am here to help you, and below there are some great models that will be comfortable and fit very well on small ears.

But first let’s see what you should be looking for when shopping for the best earbuds for small ears:

  • Design – If the earbud is huge, it doesn’t matter if you find a compatible ear tip, because it won’t look good and will likely fall from your ear easily if you’re planning to make exercises with the earbud. That is an important factor on bluetooth earbuds.
  • Ear tips variety – The standard is to offer just 3 pairs of ear tips (S,M,L) and sometimes this is not enough, even the Small size might not fit well inside your ear canal.
  • Sound Quality – Well, it does not matter if your earbud is sleek, fit well but on the sound category it sucks, so it is very important to choose not only for the fit but for the sound quality as well.
  • Durability – No one wants to buy an earbud to replace it 6 months later, so, check the materials, cable strength and warranty details before making the purchase.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best earbuds for small ears:


Shure SE215

Best Earbuds for Small Ears

We’ve already talked a lot about the Shure se215, but I have to talk about it some more because it definitely deserves a spot on this list. The natural over the ear design will make the fit and comfort perfect for small ears. The sound is one of the best you can get at this price range, with great vocals and soundstage. It also comes with detachable cables and a lot of accessories.

If you are considering these, make sure to visit the comparison we made of the se215 vs the momentum and see what’s the best for you.


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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear



I can’t mention the se215 without mentioning the momentum as well, it is against the laws of the audio world. The momentum housing  is really small and would fit a small ear with no problems. Just like the se215, the sound on these bad boys are one of the best you can get at this price range, and that is why I made a comparison against the se215 to help you decide between the two.


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1More Triple Driver


If there is one earbud that is entering the market to beat the best, it is the 1 more triple driver. The sound on this earbud is simply amazing for the price and with a wide range of ear tips you won’t have any problems if you have small ears. Definitely worth checking out if you want something new to use at home or at the office with an awesome sound quality.

If I could choose just one model at this price range, I would choose the 1more triple driver.


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Plantronics backbeat fit 


Really simple design with a nice sound and Bluetooth, an awesome combination for a sports earbud. The sleek design will make it look and fit great on small ears, and it also can be used on children as it has no plastic parts that might cause problems. A nice choice for the gym and for running.


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Phaiser Bhs-730


Another Bluetooth option but cheaper, the phaiser bhs has a lot of accessories and ear tips to fit the smallest of ears. Also, the ear wings help secure a perfect fit inside your ear when you are exercising. Again, this model is recommended for the gym and for running.


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Panasonic ErgoFit 


Perhaps the cheapest earbud I’ll ever recommend, the Panasonic ergo fit is for those wanting a quick replacement for a stock earbud or for those who are really short on cash. The earbud is really small, so the fit won’t be much much of a problem. The sound is also OK for the price. The only problem with this model is the durability, however, for this price we can’t complain too much.


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Hope you enjoyed the article on the best earbuds for small ears, if you still have doubts about what to purchase, here are some articles that might help you:

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  1. I actually was searching for an article like this. I have small ears and i want to buy a good pair of earbuds that aren’t that expensive but sound good for the money. Your list is good, i will read it again and will buy a pair.

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