Top 5 Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2017

Welcome to the IEH guide to the best earbuds under 100 dollars in 2017. Here you will find a detailed review of each one of the best models on the market right now, make sure to check the updated price by clicking on the green button below the reviews and images. Enjoy!


Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear



The acclaimed Sennheiser Momentum, if you are considering to buy these, bear with me because I have a lot to talk about them. The design is definitely unusual but I think it looks extremely attractive the red and black color scheme with some silver actions looks very pleasing. The earbuds itself have an angled design( 15 degrees to be exact) which makes them really ergonomic.

The body is dark red and black and on the back, we find a beautiful silver Sennheiser logo, a nice detail is the sides indicators: on the right earbud we got an arm marking while on the left one we get three markings, so you can easily distinguish this even in the dark.

The tangle free cable follows the same color scheme of red and black, in the middle we find a momentum branded y splitter and a chin slider, and on the end of the cable, we find a slim low-profile 90-degree gold-plated 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. We also get an inline remote and a mic. Now, they usually only worked with Apple products but Sennheiser sell six different variants which are awesome but for some reason, only the Apple and the Samsung versions are available on Amazon.

The only design flaw was that they are quite large and stick out of my ear quite a bit so you can’t use them while lying down, but I’m guessing it’s because they need to fit in the large headphone drivers so overall I really like the design and they are one of the best-designed earbuds for under 100. The build quality is good but sadly they are still mostly made out of plastic, which does not feel cheap, but also not that reassuring.

The inner construction, however, is still made out of stainless steel, the overall build is still solid and durable, and they feel like they will last for a long time. the cable seems very enduring and there’s even a small metal loop at the back of the earbuds to provide strain relief.

Accessory wise they come with four silicon ear tips, XS through L, one thing I noticed was that the ear tips were pretty loose on the earbuds so you can possibly lose them. Also included is a very nice sturdy carrying case with an embedded logo. Inside there is a spool which is great for presentation, however, luckily it is removable because I won’t take all the time to put it back on there. You will actually carry them in your pocket all the time anyway so you won’t be using the case at all.

Accessory wise they come with four silicon ear tips, XS through L, one thing I noticed was that the ear tips were pretty loose on the earbuds so you can possibly lose them. Also included is a very nice sturdy carrying case with an embedded logo. Inside there is a spool which is great for presentation, however, luckily it is removable because I won’t take all the time to put it back on there. You will actually carry them in your pocket all the time anyway so you won’t be using the case at all.

They’re very comfortable and due to the plastic construction they’re fairly light and I was able to listen to them for a very long time without them getting uncomfortable. the fit is also very good and I can shake my head without them falling out but for some reason, if I pull on the cable they fall out of my ears extremely easy even though they have a tight fit.

Noise isolation is very good and was able to block out almost all ambient noises but really enough it was bad at blocking wind noise. the sound quality is amazing,  it impressed me a lot they have a v-shaped sound signature so they have an emphasis on the lower and the higher end. the bass is especially great, very pleasant and energetic, they do have slightly more bass than the usual in-ear headphones which is appealing to the younger generation. the mids, however, are slightly recessed but are still very clear and overall just good. the highs are very detailed and excellent as well.

Vocals sound very natural and the treble is extremely crisp, it was a pleasure listening to any type of music and they can handle every genre. I would say that the best genre for these are the ones with more bass so you can enjoy that very energetic sound. So overall these are awesome in-ear headphones worthy of the momentum name. With an awesome design, good build quality great comfort and an amazing sound quality these are one of if not the best earbud under 100 dollars.




Shure Se215



The famous Shure se215, there’s so much to talk about, but let’s talk about the earpieces first.  They come in a clear white and clear black or if you get the M plus model they come in white, now, here’s something really cool you can actually disconnect the earphones from the actual cable so I think that besides the sound quality that’s what makes these headphones so amazing.

if something is wrong with the cable you can just swap it out the instead of the entire headphone, which is definitely a plus. so the process of disconnecting is a little bit nerve-wracking at first, but you just have to pull up firm and it just comes off.

Now, this is what I believe is great about companies like Shure:  they’re still able to make headphones that while are cheaper than their higher end models, they can still provide you with top-of-the-line features and protection and the detachable cables are a huge bonus.

the earpiece is pretty slick it’s got a streamlined design and it’s branded on the outside. if you remove the ear tips on the actual earpiece, the cylindrical nozzle is underneath and it feels a bit cheap and thin but I haven’t had any problems with it yet.

the se215 has come with a variety of different sizes of ear tips in two materials: rubber and memory foam ear tips. The foam ones have a plastic screen on the inside which keeps wax and other debris out of the ear tip and from the testing that I’ve done there is no difference in sound because of this little screen.

both rubber and foam come in three different sizes: large medium and small. for those who dig the foam tips, the large is precisely 1.5 centimeters wide medium is 1.3 centimeters wide and the small is 1.1 centimeters wide now on the rubber side of things which is where I stand the large is 1.3 centimeters the medium is 1.1 centimeters and finally the small is 0.9 centimeters.

when it comes to installing the ear tips it’s pretty easy but it’s a little tough the first time you do it. the stock eartips that come on are the medium foam tips now after realizing that I wanted to change these I tried taking them off but with no success, so when taking them off it feels like you’re going to break the entire ear piece but you just have to be firm as sometimes during shipping the plastic and the phone tips can adhere to the nozzle so just make sure you keep that in mind.

Now, installing the rubber tips is much easier as they pretty much just slide onto the nozzle without much of an issue at all. so still on the topic of ear tips when you bring sound into the picture every kind of ear tips gives you a more subjective sound, personally, I use rubber. the rubber tips provide plenty of noise isolation and grip inside my ear all while avoiding the whole roll up and expand concept involved in the foam tip however as expected the foam tips will provide better noise isolation.

So speaking of isolation, according to shure the se215 provide up to 37 decibels of isolation. now, this is assuming that you found the proper material and fit of an earpiece so it may take some experimenting to find the right one that gives you a satisfactory listening experience. now all of this kind of funnels into how they sound. so how did they sound the bass is full, not too heavy but punchy enough to make you want to listen to songs that have more bass in them. the mids and vocals are a bit rounded off but they definitely don’t get lost, and the highs ring out just enough so that the sound delivered is nothing short of a crisp, clear one. Compared to stock earphones that you’ll get with say an iPhone, it’s no contest if you like the well-rounded bright sounds then the se215 are your earphones. However, that’s not to say that they are without competitors if you’re more of an advanced listener or someone who has a preference when it comes to sound signature, other than the detailed sound with enhanced bass there are other options that will probably make you happier like the Sennheiser momentum or even something like rha which are in a similar price range.

However, everything that you get packaged in the 215 like the detachable cables, superb sound isolation and fantastic sound quality, make the 215 an amazing pair of earbuds that I can certainly recommend.

with the accessories you get what you would expect from a mid-end pair of headphones. you get a small carrying case, which I actually secured inside of my backpack, you get six rubber and foam ear tips combined, some paperwork manuals, and some warranty info. A really cool cleaning tool which is actually really useful and of course the earbuds. So the se215 are one of really two different varieties as these are over the ear style earbuds. The actual design of the earpiece strikes me as a stage monitor which is actually what shure advertises them to be and if that’s the case as you would expect the first roughly two inches of the cable protruding from the earpiece is flexible for the around the ear component of the earbuds.

now I did end up having a problem with the material inside the housing that makes it bend but we will get to that later, so, speaking of the cable in total it measures roughly 3 feet 10 inches long and moving down from the flexible part of the cable of course on the m plus version you have the inline control they’re okay it works great but the housing and the buttons and everything are all plastic and the overall feel is just kind of cheap and thin.

Now I haven’t really had any problems with it yet but i don’t expect i won’t. now along the cable of the left ear piece for all models you have the cable jointer for left angles and towards the midpoint of the cable you’ll see a very heavy y splitter. Now, lots of people on the internet and say that this is bad for exercising as it flops around and really just gets in the way but honestly I don’t think so I run and workout with these things all the time and have had no issues and although i think it’s worth noting here that the y splitter is the same on both the regular model as well as the m plus model .

From  the y splitter after about another one and a half feet of cable you have the standard gold-plated 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which seems durable but the shroud around it is pretty average so i was expecting a little bit more in terms of durability down there but that’s just how it is so all in all the cable is great it sticks it’s got a durable Jack’s connectors and splitter. However, the remote on the m plus version feels a bit cheap and the shroud around the jack is a bit average as well so just keep that in mind when you’re looking at these.




1MORE Triple Driver

For me this is a personal favorite and I strongly recommend it despite some small flaws because it is great. Starting with the beautiful packaging which i must say looks absolutely beautiful in my opinion you’ve got a big set of ear tips, now the ear tips are pretty much standard but i love the presentation

you will receive six different sets of silicone ear tips including the ones which are already included on the earphones and you will also receive three sets of foam tips. the inclusion of the foam tips is fantastic and provides better isolation and comfort.

You will also receive a really nice crafted carrying case which is hard, I would have loved a soft carrying case as well but I love the fact that this hard carrying case is really well-designed and actually looks really presentable. Moving on to the build quality. these earphones are terminated by a straight gold-plated jack, I would have much preferred a right angle jack myself just in terms of experience. In terms of longevity it won’t matter that much.

Now up on the Y split on the right-hand side you’ll find a little control pod, this has a microphone on it as well as an up and down volume. The actual inline mic actually works fantastic and it’s a great inclusion.

On the earbuds themselves, we have a right and left indicator on the side, very clear and easy to see and the overall build quality of the housing is really nice as it’s made out of metal and you can see in the pictures that this kind of space grey / gold color on the side looks really nice and it’s almost like an apple s color but it looks really nice and it’s really well designed.

The one more triple driver have two balanced armature drivers and one single dynamic driver and I’ll get into that in just a second through my sound quality testing, so overall the build quality is good and the design look is absolute fantastic at least in my opinion.

they are designed to be used straight down but you can potentially wear them over the ear but I wouldn’t suggest that.

the isolation of these earbuds is actually surprisingly good especially with the inclusion of the foam tips. If you choose the right size for your ears they passively block enough outside noise.

The earbuds are quite comfortable as well, I didn’t notice any sort of problem but obviously, some people might find a little bit uncomfortable given that they’re just a little bit heavy because of their metal housing, but on the whole I was extremely comfortable giving them a 9 out of 10 comfort rating.

Now let’s move on to the most important part: the sound quality.

The sound quality of the one more triple driver earphones is actually very impressive. The sub-bass extends to a reasonable amount, it’s mid bass has a great impact, it’s a little bit uncontrolled but again its impact is there and there is an almost perfect amount on there.

Despite having two balanced armature drivers, that single dynamic driver actually brings out a good impact to the earbud sound, meaning you can enjoy rock music or hip-hop music if you so wish.The mids are slightly affected by the triple driver structure, meaning you’ll get a slightly shaped and v-shaped sound there.

I’m not trying to be extreme over here and say it’s extremely v-shaped. No, it’s just slightly v-shaped,  overall on the whole and I was at least impressed to say the least given its price tag.

The highs do roll off a little bit on the top end, but they do provide a nice Sparkle, and on top of that, they’re not sibilant, meaning it’s not uncomfortable to hear. is it’s very comfortable to wear for a long period of time and listen to them. The soundstage was actually really amazing  on these earbuds,  they’re nice and wide and provide excellent instrument separation

On the whole given its price, fantastic sound, and due to its instrument separation, it made the one more triple driver very impressive.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some stylish earbuds which have a microphone and have an absolute fantastic overall package, design and sound quality.





Bose SoundSport


The bose soundsport. bose’s fitness earbuds meant to stay in your ear during your workouts that are weather resistant and of course, provide exceptional sound. Let’s see how these perform both on audio and fit to help you make a decision so without further ado, the soundsport are a old line bose is carrying coming in colors of green orange and what I have here is blue but it looks more like turquoise or seafoam blue to me though now a lot of earbud in line controllers only work for iOS devices but bose was very nice enough to offer two versions, one working for Apple devices and the other for Samsung Galaxy devices


Overall the build construction is very good with strong plastics being used, however the connecting wire outputs being reinforced with a flexible silicone or rubber does flex a little bit too much for me really questioning the longevity of the device. Now it may last long but only time will tell. These are of course a wired connection and does not feature lay flat tangle-free cords and I feel like for sports it’s not ideal considering I may throw these in my pockets or gym bag and they do somewhat tangle from time to time


I have to say that these are somewhat pricey, for around the same price both give or take you can purchase wireless Bluetooth sport earbuds from the likes of Jabra, JayBird, Beats and several other manufacturers out there but again that’s a matter of preference and I know some people don’t like to recharge their devices every so often.

And last what you receive in the package is a soft carrying case which works perfectly fine and stays secure with the inside felt line and although a small feature but I think any carrying case should have this is a pocket to hold any accessories.

The last physical feature and going into my comfort and fitment test they sound sports do come with three silicon or what feels to almost be like gel ear tips. Now, these are the softest and most flexible I felt on any earbuds that I’ve tested hopping with comfort while wearing.

However they do attract unsightly dust over time though so just a word of caution there and I usually wear small ear tips on most other ear buds but surprisingly when trying on medium on workouts and runs they didn’t feel as secure as I’d like but the large ear tips work the best and gave me the most confidence with jumping up and down to your normal workouts to jogging.

Best In-Ear Headphones Under $100

These earbuds really stayed on and never fell out or become loose requiring readjustment, overall they’re very light and very soft we’re all while staying on the ear but the key word is on ear, now these ear tips are the type to sit on the outside of your ear not inside the ear canal as some people prefer. these don’t sit on the opening of the ear canal either but because of this design, sound isolation is almost non-existent now while running you can hear lots of background noise. And in a closed space like Starbucks in the city, you can hear business professionals and patrons in the background talking and also baristas working furiously yelling drink orders.

going into the sound test these do very well. The sound is very crisp and clean with deep enough lows in the base range to make most genres of music much appreciated but it’s not so deep where it interferes or distorts the mids and highs. The mid-range has crisp vocals distinct instruments and the highs are high enough without being ear ringing.

Now listening to these for three hours straight never left my ears with hearing fatigue, overall a very balanced sound which I personally enjoyed and if you happen to test these or have already bought them, if you press the ear tips or earbuds closer into your ear you can hear how well they perform even much better than that what they are naturally.

If only they were designed to sit in your ear canal or at least on the opening creating that seal, you would get that exceptional sound quality. I think now these do get pretty loud and listening to these at sixty-five to seventy percent volume was loud enough to hear the audio quality while still being comfortable.  For those who do watch movies on earbuds or headphones, the volume should be about 70 to 75 percent to hear quiet scenes well and appreciate the sound.

The sound separation and sound stage like some earbuds is not separated or open as much as you like you can’t distinguish left and right audio channels as well as some may want but I find this is the case more often than not with earbuds so overall these do well in some areas but using different design practices might have been better. In my opinion, they still sound good but again the ear tip design although stays in the ears well, they do hinder sound isolation.

I wouldn’t say these are bad but if you’re looking into wired sports earbuds that protect against sweat and other water-related issues still give these a try.





Thinksound Rain2

Not as famous as the previous models, so I don’t have a lot to talk about the thinksound rain2, however, this is a great choice if you are looking for style maintaining a great sound quality. These bad boys are a follow up to thinksound very popular and award-winning rain in-ear headphones, so,  there is only one color and one style to choose from, but that is not a bad thing since the style of this earbud is really nice looking.

We will also receive in the package a cotton carrying pouch, you do get a total of four sets of ear tips that you can use to get the proper fit out of the earbuds. But let’s cut the fluff and talk about the earbuds themselves.

They feature a 4-foot Kevlar reinforced tangle free cord, a gold-plated 3.5-millimeter connector, and they are made from wood and it looks great, it had this gunmetal finish which brings a whole premium feel to the product.You can see that the moment you take these out of the box you’re going to recognize the quality that these things have, just like every other pair of thinksound headphones I’ve reviewed they’re just flat-out gorgeous they’re like you know a work of art or something.

The headphones themselves have eight-millimeter drivers and I mentioned the wood inlay with the gunmetal part and as I also mentioned, you will get four different sized ear tips that you can use to get the proper fit for your ear, and that way, you can block out any ambient noise going around you.

Now they don’t have active noise cancellation obviously, but the passive noise cancellation that you get thanks to the ability to resize the tips is pretty good and that does allow you to really enjoy and focus on the sound of whatever it is you’re listening to and that sound will sound very crisp, very clear without any distortion, even at  higher output levels.






So that was the guide about the best earbuds under 100 and personally, the 100 bucks seem to be my sweet spot for earbuds, anything under than that you know is going to sound tinny and cheaper anything over that seems like overkill for most of the average customer and people that are not audiophiles.

100 bucks are about perfect to get a good pair of earbuds and these are the one ones I would definitely recommend. if you’re looking for a pair of earphones or earbuds to wear let’s say at the gym, at home or at the office, just to casually listen to and enjoy your music with a high-quality sound output, these are the best earbuds under 100 out there for 2017. Make sure to click on the green buttons to check out the updated price of each earbud.

As always if you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to drop me a line down below.


Stay Tuned!


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