BOHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Today is a big day because I’ll start talking about over ear headphones as well! After some time I decided to expand the site borders and bring a new category to the site. And to start I’ll be talking about a model not everyone knows, but it is worth taking a look if you are looking for a wireless noise canceling model.

The headphone I am talking about is the BOHM B76, well regarded with a 4 out of 5 rating on Amazon, let’s take a closer look to see if it is truly what we expect.


And here ladies and gentleman, you will experience a big difference from in-ear models. From over-ear models, we can expect a better bass response and a clear low end, given the size of the drivers. The BOHM B76 does a great job here and delivers a great bass experience without being overwhelming, together with the solid mid range, it makes up for the price even with the noise canceling off. Speaking of the bass, you may find out it gets a little enhanced while the noise canceling is on, however, as I’ve said before, it is nothing overwhelming and you will enjoy the music just the same.

Personally, I am not a big fan of active noise canceling features, however, I understand that it has its pros as well. If you don’t know what active noise canceling or ANC is, then please refer to this great Wikipedia article.

The soundstage is really wide, which is a great feature for a better immersion. The bottom line about the sound is that it is great, but the noise canceling feature might not help a lot with this quality, forcing the headphone to enhance the low ends, however, if you are planning to use it to relax or to use on a noisy environment, it will be a perfect fit.


Design and Durability

It’s important to note that the BOHM B76 feels and is a premium model regarding materials, there are no plastic parts on the model, only faux leather, and aluminum making it really durable if you take good care of it.


Comfort and Fit

It’s a hell of a lot easier to talk about comfort and fit of headphones than earbuds because with headphones and the over-ear design, with a minimal attention of the manufacturer, the headphone will be comfortable to pretty much everyone, and this is the case with the B76. The cushioned ear pads are comfortable to use for hours without fatigue.

Accessories and Extras

The BOHM B76 comes with a good looking hard case for transport, and of course, a charging cable. The company says it is capable of 8h of music playback with the noise canceling feature on, with the ANC off, it might jump to 14-16h, which is great, and slightly above average.


  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Operating Distance: 10 Meter
  • Battery: 320mA
  • Play time: Up to 16 Hours (8h with ANC on)
  • Driver Unit: 40mm
  • Impedance: ANC off – 80 / ANC on – 110

Pros and Cons


  • Great Bass
  • Wide soundstage
  • Active noise canceling
  • Premium materials
  • Wireless


  • Higher notes could be better




The BOHM B76 is a great headphone for those looking for a cheap wireless noise canceling model. Considering the Bose QC 35 as a comparative, being 3 times cheaper sure makes a difference for me. The low end is very well displayed, it is made of high quality materials and definitely has a nice noise canceling feature. this is not a high-end model, but for the average customer, the BOHM B76 will be a great choice.


Hope you enjoyed the review, I’ll be back with more soon,


Stay Tuned!


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