Bose SoundSport Review

Bose SoundSport Review

Today I will be talking about the Bose SoundSport, which is a great choice for those looking for clear sound experience.  Yesterday I talked about a bass-driven model(you can check the article here), however, the Bose SoundSport is an in-ear headphone made for those that don’t mind the bass and are looking for a crisp and clean sound.

Sound quality

As i  said, this is not a bass-driven model and you should not expect a great bass overall. However, it is greatly compensated by the quality, especially in the mid and high range. The Bose headphones are known for the exceptional sound quality, and with this one, is not different. If you value a balanced and clear sound, you can’t go wrong with it.


Comfort and Fit


The Bose ear tips, or what they call it, StayHear tips, Fits very well in your ears with your right size (S,M or L), and it is highly unlikely that they will fall while you do your exercises.

Due to the design, they don’t go exactly into your ear canal, instead they “sit” on your ear and shoot the sound into your ear canal. While this makes sound isolation almost zero, the sound quality is not affected and it is quite comfortable to use for hours without fatigue.




The Bose SoundSport are sweat- and weather-resistant, but do not confuse weather resistant with waterproof, you cannot go swimming, or take a shower with it. while it says it is weather resistant, I would not expose it to rain.

The design and cords are strong enough to handle an active lifestyle without any problems.


Different Colors


You have 5 colors available to you:

  • Charcoal
  • Energy Green
  • Frost
  • Neon Blue
  • Power Red

You can check out these colors at Amazon.




You need to be aware that there are different Styles available.

There is a version for Apple devices and another for Samsung and android devices with inline microphone and remote for calls and music control. And an Audio only version without the microphone, which is cheaper.


Pros and cons


  • Exceptional balanced sound
  • Great comfort and fit
  • Sweat resistant
  • Mic and remote control ( On android and apple version)


  • Almost nothing of noise isolation



My rating: 9 out of 10

Amazing Price on Amazon

As I said, the Bose SoundSport is a great option if you want exceptional sound clarity and do not mind bass. It fits nicely into your ear and is really comfortable. It also comes with a carrying case for transportation purposes.

A great value for a great in-ear headphone. If you are interested, you can check it out now at Amazon here.

Hope you enjoyed the review, if you have any doubts, drop a comment below.


Stay Tuned!





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6 thoughts on “Bose SoundSport Review

  1. Thank You Paulo,
    You have chosen the best sound system around today, Bose is my favorite brand of sound systems. They are well worth the price they ask for them, I have had mine forever and it sounds just like brand new still.

  2. Great review Paulo. I actually just purchased this off Amazon. I love, love, love them! Great sound. Much better than any others. And you are right, you cannot go wrong with Bose. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Paulo,
    I have had several sets of Bose speakers. I currently use a set of roommates for my main TV. The lack of a lot of bass will not hurt my using these during my workouts.

    1. Indeed John, sometimes the bass is not really that important if you have a good quality overall.

      Thanks for your comment.

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