Earbuds Reinvented by i10 Accessories

So, today I’ve come across this project on Kickstarter, and I thought to myself, yet another earbud project, I was about to change the page when I saw it was funded with 2 days! It caught my attention then I went to see what this thing was about. The project name is Earbuds Reinvented and the company behind it is called i10 accessories. Let’s take a look at what these guys has to offer:



At first glance, their earbuds seem like a standard one, but with a closer look, there are a few differences: the first aspect that is new is a “magnetic control” on the back of the driver housing that controls basic functions like play/pause and calls.

Another feature is the resistant, high tensile nylon braiding cables, but that is not necessarily an innovation. Also, promoting the durability they speak about the aluminium alloy,sweat resistant housing, that once more is no innovation whatsoever.


They also talk about battery efficiency, stating that other earbuds can consume up to 30%! battery and their product only consume 2-5%, but nothing is said about how they achieved this numbers, making me believe that this part is just a marketing trick.

That leave us with the sound. We will never know for sure until someone uses it, but let’s see what they say about the sound: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. they link to a couple of videos talking about DAC, but that’s it, nothing about the actual sound of their earbuds.

And the last problem with this project is the lack of a jack connector. They offer a lightning, micro USB and USB-C connectors, which makes us question ever more the sound quality of these earbuds.


In the end, that is yet another earbud that promises wonders and I think will disappoint a lot of people just to make a quick buck. The only differential aspect of these earbuds is the magnetic controls, the rest is just the industry standard you find in $40 earbuds.


If you want to take a look, I’ll link to the project below, but seriously, for $90, you get a really good pair with much more features just searching here at IEH…

Link to the project

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