Klipsch X4i Review

Chances are that you have heard about Klipsch and their expensive audio products and headphones. While there are a lot of expensive models on their ranks, today I’ll talk about a cheap one (around $30), the Klipsch x4i. Let’s see if this is the right model for you, or if you should look somewhere else.

Klipsch X4i Box


The Klipsch x4i is not a bass boosted earphone, so, if you are looking for bass above all, this is not the model for you. However, the sub-bass and lower end is quite attractive and deliver a great experience. The soundstage also makes a great job separating instruments, giving a nice sense of immersion in the music. If you are open for an almost flat sound signature alongside crisp and clear highs with almost zero distortion , you will love this model.

DesignKlipsch X4i

There is not much to say about the x4i design, it is not very visually appealing, but it is made with high-quality materials, metal housing and very durable construction. It’s worth to note that the x4i used to cost $150, and now it is around $30-$40, so you can expect some level of quality present in $100+ models and in this regard the x4i doesn’t disappoint.

Comfort and fit

The Klipsch x4i features the “oval” ear tips, and it is comfortable but I can’t notice a difference from the normal ones. Speaking of ear tips, the x4i comes with 5 pairs of different sizes and shapes, so the fit is not a problem at all, unfortunately, only silicone tips are included, if you can, I advise you to purchase a set of the comply foam ear tips for a better seal.

Klipsch X4i

Accessories and extras

The Klipsch xi4 comes with a small protective pouch and a shirt clip, but no more. Only the standard is made here. Also, there is no other color to choose from, only the black/metal.

A nice bonus is a microphone and in-line controls used to control music tracks on your phone remotely (pause/play/next and volume adjustments.)

Klipsch X4i

Pros and Cons


  • Flat signature
  • Great soundstage
  • Crisp and clear highs
  • Great value for the money right now


  • Not visually appealing
  • Moderate bass


My Rating: 8.9 out of 10

Similar models around this price: Shure SE112, Soundmagic E80, Brainwavz S3.


If you are tired of beats, or even bass heavy headphones, then this model is for you. If you are tired of how bad your stock earphones sound and want to experience something new, this is the model for you, if you are a fan of value for your money then this is the one for you. It went from costing $150 to $40 (Updated Price), so it is a good time to purchase one. You should not buy this model if you are a heavy bass fan, if that is the case, you should look at models like Sennheiser Momentum or 1More Triple Driver.


That’s it for today folks, you can check the Klipsch X4i right now at Amazon,


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