Nura Headphones: A Truly Unique Sound for You

Nura headphones, this amazing project that reached their funding goals of $100,000 with 14 hours on Kickstarter is without a doubt, promising.

The Nura headphones seems like a normal set of headphones, but they are far from that. I’ve never seen a technology like this on a headphone before, so let me explain to you what they do and why it’s so amazing if it delivers what is expected.


Nura Technology

Your hearing is unique, that means that each person hears sound frequencies differently. So, a pair of headphones might sound great for you but if your friend hates it, maybe he is not hearing all the details you are!

It basically works like this: The sound waves enter your ear canal vibrating the eardrum these vibrations follow a path of small bones to the cochlea, and the cochlea converts these vibrations into electrical signals which are sent to the brain. This is the sound.

At the same time, another thing happens: Your inner ear emits very low-intensity sounds back, allowing the Nura headphones to capture that with its internal microphone, converting it into information about your ear. The first time you plug them on your smartphone, they play some tones for 30 seconds, and like in the process explained above, they will “hear your ears”, process this data, determine your profile and that is it, the next time you plug them on, they will know who you are and optimize the music to match your profile.

They say it is possible due to an adaptation of otoacoustic emission.



The Nura headphones features a dual driver design which is basically an in-ear and over ear at the same time. They say this construction is important to separate the bass (over ear) from the mids and highs(in-ear), I find this strange, never seen this before but if it works, It will be great. Besides that, this unique design will provide a great sound isolation since it blocks the sound “twice”.



I believe in this project, and if it delivers what is promised, it is going to be amazing. Meanwhile, if you want to check out more info about this project and desire to back them up, you can find them on Kickstarter.

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