Phaiser BHS-750 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

A couple of months ago, we talked about the Phaiser signature model, the BHS-730, today, with a newer model around we have a responsibility to inform you if you should consider the BHS-750 instead. Just like our other reviews, I’ll talk about each aspect of the model and make a brief commentary to how it compares to the previous model.

The Phaiser BHS-750 is a mid-priced wireless model (around $40-$80 click here to check the updated price) and it was launched in December 2016. Let’s take a closer look:


If you already have the BHS-730 and are looking to improve on the sound category, you won’t find much difference on the BHS-750, don’t get me wrong, the 8mm drivers sound amazing, but also a lot like the previous version, one difference is maybe the highs a little brighter. The bass boost is once more maintained and continues to be the most attractive point in the sound category here, and since this is a sports model, it makes perfect sense.

The mids, highs and soundstage are exactly what you would expect from a mid-priced model, good, but not great. You will be greatly rewarded if you listen to some bass heavy songs.


Design and Durability

The Phaiser BHS-750 is a lot like the previous model, and at first sight, I couldn’t differentiate both. With a closer look, you can see that the housing is bigger and the cables are no longer flat, and this is a concern for me, because my experience with flat cables is great, and they never gave me any troubles. But since this is a new model, we can’t say this is going to be a problem, only time will tell.

Another feature that was maintained is the magnetic housing to stow your earbuds together and wear them around your neck, useful if you practice sports with your pair.

Comfort and Fit

The BHS-750 comes with a lot of ear tips and ear fins options and a bonus, my personal favorite comply foam ear tips, that are impeccable when it comes to isolation, improving the lower ends and the bass quite a bit. However, if you sweat a lot, it may not be the best option because it can get wet easily.

Accessories, Extras, and Battery

The Phaiser BHS-750 comes in 3 colors: Blackout, OceanBlue and Redheat, a few less than the 730, but that is not a problem. As I’ve said before, it comes with a bunch of accessories: 3 standard silicone ear tips plus a T-400 M comply foam ear tip. Also this time, 6 different sizes of ear fins, making it way easier to find the right size for you.

And finally the lifetime sweatproof warranty is here again, so no worries about sweat damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Great bass
  • Good mids and vocals
  • Low price
  • Sweatproof  


  • Treble could be better



If you already have the previous version, the BHS is not really a big improvement for you, however, if you are looking for a cheap wireless model I advise you to purchase the Phaiser BHS-750. Like I said before, the bass is where is shines, so, if you like bass heavy songs and sports, the BHS-750 is a great choice.


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