Powerbeats 2 Wireless Review

When I think about bass, the first brand that comes to my mind is Beats. The Beats models are known for the bass-boost characteristics, best suited for casual listeners than audiophiles. Let’s talk about the Powerbeats 2, a wireless in-ear headphone made for those who like to stay active. We’ll see if this is the right model for you, or if you should be looking somewhere else.



The bass is unfortunately overpowered. Besides, sometimes the vocals are muffled and other instruments sound weak. This is a major problem for audiophiles or enthusiasts as your favorite tracks won’t sound the same, and I don’t mean it in a good way. If you enjoy bass or Beats products you will enjoy these as the bass-heavy tracks will be boosted.


The design is quite different with a plastic construction protecting the buds with the beats logo on it, and ear hooks that help keep them in place. I don’t like these ear hooks, but it is a personal preference,for me it is way too much and the secure fit alone is more than enough for a lot of costumers.

I personally like the flat cables here because I never had problems with these, however, there are people that complain about the durability.

The Powerbeats 2  is also sweat proof, but as I always say, do not expose it to too much water,it is not waterproof.


Comfort and Fit

The fit is decent, the ear hook help secure the headphone in place but it might make you uncomfortable after some time. As this model is for sports, I think that this is a major issue. The isolation does a good job keeping some noise out, but you can still hear your surroundings, this is not a bad thing though, because it provides more security while running or exercising in public.


Style, Accessories, and Extras

You have good options about the style with 8 colors available. This model has a microphone and inline remote for calls and volume.The battery life on this model is decent, could be better: 6h of music playback. The Jaybird X2 does a better job and delivers almost 8h.

Like all standard models, it also comes with 3 sets of silicone ear tips and a branded carrying case.


Pros and Cons


  • Well…Bass?
  • The Fit is good
  • Flat cables


  • Muffled vocals sometimes
  • Other instruments sound weak
  • Uncomfortable after some time


My rating: 6 out of 10

Similar Models: Jaybird X2 and Plantronics Backbeat FIT


I don’t think the Powerbeats 2 is worth the investment,for less you take a Jaybird X2 and receive a greater quality product. The Powerbeats 2 may be a good purchase for those who enjoy bass a lot and love beats products, but for me, it isn’t worth the price.

You can check out the price on Amazon.

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