Sound, And Price! Matters.

I’ve always had a difficult time buying headphones online. There’re tons of products available and most reviews only show the technical part of the product, and forget that we, customers, demand smiling-with-my-blue-necktie-5-1571243something else. We are buying the product to feel the sound,to feel the experience!

And while that would be pretty awesome, to only buy products for their quality, sometimes, it’s not possible to do so and we are forced to search for products for their price, and sometimes forget about the quality and end up unhappy with the purchase.

I have this problem that I research a LOT before buying anything. It took 1 month of research for me to buy my in-ear headphone to replace my old one. I just have to look for the best with the best price and I will not settle for less.

My goal with this site is to help you decide what is best for you, by doing reviews and analysis, and unlike other reviews, I will focus on the experience, on what you as a customer will get and provide valuable information for you to make your own decision.

As I said, I am just like you, a customer. And as a customer, I want to be able to make my research as fast as I can and choose the best sound experience available to me.

Come with me and let us explore this amazing world of sounds!

Stay tuned.


Web developer, App developer, and Headphones enthusiast. In the pursuit of a perfect headphone and trying to develop the next "sound" app!

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