V-MODA Zn Review

Today let’s talk about the V-MODA Zn, that is a model a bit above the level I am used to reviewing here, and the price is a little bit salty as well ($179 at the time of this review), you may think that this is a bit too much for an in-ear headphone, but believe me, if you can afford it, a $150+ model will blow your mind.

I’ll do a series of these higher priced headphones here from now on, let’s start with the V-MODA Zn.



Lets start with the bass. Some models deliver a nice bass response, but this model goes beyond and delivers an outstanding experience, the depth and detail are awesome for such a small in-ear, not only that but the whole low end is a spectacle. I’ll go further and say that no $100 model could compete with the V-MODA Zn in the bass category and detail.

Another great feature is the soundstage, simply amazing due to the custom tuning filters that according to V-MODA control the airflow mechanics making possible to feel the distance of the instruments and space around, a great experience that everyone should be able to feel. The treble is clean and accurate as well as the mid, however, nothing that compares to the low-end, bass and soundstage quality. Don’t get me wrong here, the treble and mid are great, but compared with the level of quality of other aspects, it falls behind a little bit.


Design V-MODA Zn

You can notice right away that V-MODA paid close attention to details. The Zn is made of mostly plastic,and that is the standard in the industry, but the differential here is the Zinc (Zn abbreviated). V-MODA says that the housing is made of liquid Zinc metal and that this helps to deliver consistent acoustic quality. while this might look like a marketing trick, the Zinc is the acoustic chamber for the driver, so the sound is indeed different.

The V-MODA Zn also features a kevlar reinforced cable that they say it’s 20x stronger than the industry average and impossible to tangle, they call it DiamondBack, now, the interesting part is the attachable ear hook that you receive in the package, to facilitate the use of exercises, kudos to V-MODA because sometimes exercise with corded models can be a huge pain.

Another unusual feature is the BLISS 3.0 ear-tips( Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone). V-MODA says that it helps with isolation and allows a vibrant bass, personally, I prefer a good and old pair of foam ear-tips.


Accessories and Extras

The V-MODA Zn box is really beautiful, the presentation makes you feel like opening a premium product right from the start. You will find in the box 7 pairs of ear-tips(slightly above average), including 4 BLISS ear-tips,  a pair of detachable ear-hooks,a shirt clip and a fancy leather pouch. The Zn also features a 3 button remote and a high sensitivity mic for clear calls, but unfortunately, the volume buttons only work with iOS devices. It’s worth to note that the V-MODA offers a 2-year warranty and a 50% off a replacement for a lifetime.


  • Type – Bi-aural in-ear type monitor headphones with remote and mic.
  • Speaker Driver – 8-millimeter dynamic-type.
  • Frequency Response – 2 – 25,000 Hz.
  • Impedance – 16 Ω
  • Cables – DiamondBack Kevlar-reinforced, 33-inch plug to y-connector, 13-inch even-length earphone cables.
  • Plug – 45 degree, 24k gold-plated, 3.5 millimeters (1/8-inch) stereo.
  • Weight – 20.8 gram


Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding bass quality
  • Awesome soundstage depth
  • Durable construction
  • Kevlar reinforced cables
  • Attachable ear-hooks


  • Volume buttons only work with iOS.


My Rating: 9.2 out of 10


If you recently bought a $50-$100 model and want to take the step forward in sound experience, or simply can afford it and want a great experience, the V-MODA Zn is a nice place to start. If you enjoy bass heavy songs, you will be amazed by the quality these little guys can reach.

You can check the updated price on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed the review,

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