Yamaha EPH-M200 Beta-Titanium Sound Tubes?

Resuming our Yamaha headphones series, today we will be talking about the Yamaha EPH-M200, featuring the world’s first beta-titanium sound tubes. I will explain what it means, if it alters the sound quality or not and if this model is worth the price.




The bass is strong here, not as strong as some beats models, but it definitely catches your attention, and if you are a bass lover, you won’t be disappointed with these. The mid-range is somewhat like the EPH-100, and for those who already own this model won’t notice a big difference. The highs aren’t so good as you would expect, nothing really bad, but it could be better. However, you will notice a smooth and clearer sound compared with models in this price range.



The cable is really flexible, tangle-resistant, serrated, but not so much flimsy. I would avoid doing exercises with it, though. The design of the EPH-M200 is really beautiful, with a glossy finish and the Yamaha logo in silver.

However, the one thing that stands out in this model is the beta-titanium sound tube, that you can see if you remove the ear tips, and the first thing you notice is that it is slightly flexible, providing a better fit and even sound distribution. Now, the question is, does it really affect sound quality? I don’t think so. It affects fit, comfort and sound distribution, however, the sound quality remains the same with or without the titanium.



Comfort and Fit

As I said previously, the fit is awesome due to the titanium tube and really comfortable to use for hours without any fatigue, you can walk and even run without them jumping out of your ear. However, I wouldn’t use this in the gym or for heavy exercises because of the thin cable.  Included in the package is 5 different ear tip sizes for you to choose the best one for you.



Style, Accessories, and Extras

The EPH-M200 comes with an inline remote, volume control and a microphone for calls, compatible with Apple devices. It also comes with a gold-plated 1/4 inch adapter and a hard carrying case really functional, with pockets on both sides. You also have the option among 3 different colors (white,black and red).


Pros and Cons


  • Great bass
  • Smooth and clear sound
  • Titanium sound tube
  • Comfortable
  • Volume control and mic


  • Unreliable cable (only time can tell)



My Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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If you value bass and a clear sound overall, you can’t go wrong with the EPH-M200. The titanium tube provides a nice fit and is awesome to say that you have a “titanium earphone”!

That’s it for today, if you are interested, you can find this model now at Amazon.

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